Advertising Celebrations

Well, seeing as I did a little rundown of Quality Street, it’s only fair. I’ve had a trawl through Youtube to save you bothering, here’s the best of the adverts for Celebrations. Slim pickings I’m afraid, not even close to the personality of Quality Street.

That said, this effort from 2015 is actually very very good:

Unlike this one from 2007, which not only uses a god-awful cover version of the classic Blues Brothers song, barely shows any of the chocolates (maybe that’s the point??):

No idea when this next one is from, and it might even be from the US, but at first I thought the actor was a very young Michael McIntyre:

Here’s a marginally amusing effort somebody put together, clearly inspired at least a little bit by the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special (and if you’ve not seen that episode, it’s the official start of Christmas TV for me that one, always gets watched same day as the tree goes up) :

And this, to finish, is simply great, but isn’t actually an advert:

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