Review: M&S Christmas All-Butter Mince Pies

This is the lower budget Marks and Spencer mince pie selection here so only medium optimism for these. Let’s jump in and see what we’ve got.


I actually like the packaging here. It’s a bit basic, and there’s no window to view the pies but it is fairly classy. The green ribbon lifts it above the average I think. There really isn’t actually much to say really, so here’s another photo.


6/10 – A touch better than average. But only just!

These are interesting looking pies and it’s really hard to say if they are good or not. Realistically, the pies really just have a weird star shaped hole in the top.


And the star is pretty inconsistently sized and shaped too. But, at a glance, they’re quite pretty I guess.

They are covered in sugar too.


And that is blatantly a good thing. There isn’t as much sugar as the Coop ones, but that just really means it doesn’t end up in the tray or trapped in your beard for eating later on.

You’ll note the pretty edging, I like that and the top sits over the sides which is a good sign, especially in a more budget friendly pie.

The bake isn’t amazingly level, leaking over the side but it’s not too bad and there are absolutely no pies in the box that have leaked.


5/10 – Pretty well put together, relatively pretty, plenty of sugar, but the hole is just a bit weird and boring.

Very full pie, no leaks. Sorry no picture.

The pie has some significant chunks of fruit, isn’t particularly wet and is substantial. This is surprisingly impressive.

8/10 – Full of what appears to be good quality mincemeat.

Taste Test
That initial bite, the pastry is crumbly with a satisfying sweetness thanks to the sugar. It also doesn’t stick to your mouth like some other all-butter pies do.


Biting through the pastry, you’ll be pleased to know this pie retains it’s shape and doesn’t crumble into pieces in your hand.

The filling, as noted above, is pretty deep. It’s also got a nice fruity flavour, with a definite hint of warming alcohol. These are actually fairly impressive tasting and I think if you wanted to buy a good amount of good pies on a budget, you can’t go wrong here. So, yes…I’m a fan of these.

17/20 – Really good taste, not exceptional or striking, but absolutely nothing to fault.

Final Score

36/50 – Wow, I’m surprised how high that score has ended up but it’s well deserved. This is a surprisingly good quality mince pie and comes recommended.

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