Review: The Coop Bakery Shortcrust Mince Pies

Most people just buy the mince pies in the fancy boxes, the Mr Kiplings, the supermarket own brand or the fancy ones. Other people go for Greggs or some other local bakery. Then some people, go for the supermarket (or in our case here, the local coop, but it’s the same thing) own pre-packed bakery mince pie.

And THOSE people, get everything that’s coming to them.


In all fairness, I think the packaging gets a free pass here. It’s a bakery pie, therefore, it’s hard to argue it should have pretty colours all over it. It’s transparent, you literally can see everything you’re getting here. The label could do with a bit of christmassing up. And they’re only a £1.

5/10 – Average score, it’s not bad, it’s not good. It’s just packaging.

Now, if I can argue with the packaging, I can certainly argue with the presentation of these pies.


What a mess right?

We’ve got 4 mince pies here, all four have leaked. This isn’t a one off, the others on the shelf were very similar. It’s just shoddy, over filled and badly sealed, caused mostly but the fact that the pie tops sit inside the pie base rather than overlapping. It’s the easy way to bake them, but the wrong way.

Add to that, not a hint of sugar here so I’m not expecting sweetness and the very plain top really does nothing for me.


1/10 – Literally among the worst presented mince pies around, nothing to redeem them at all.

At least the pies are full, it’s the first thought that crossed yours mind here seeing the leaking filling. And they are full. They’re also really thin, probably 2/3rds as deep as the more regular supermarket style pie. This is compensated by with the overall bigger size of this pie. End result…more pasty less filling.

In fairness, the filling does have a bit of fruity chunks in there so the filling there isn’t too bad.

4/10 – Overfilled to leak from a lack of depth, just not enough filling and a poor pastry to pie ratio.

Taste Test
The big question then, how does it taste.

Well, I was all set to really lay into this pie, bland, tasteless, the filling tasting of scraped off the floor, Tesco more basic than basic, mincemeat filling. And yet, after finishing it my wife turned to me and said “wasn’t too bad that one”.

So, your mileage may vary on this one. Being totally fair, the pasty was good, leaving no aftertaste and being pretty solid as far as shortcrust goes.

The mincemeat was very tasteless though. Don’t expect even a hint of booziness from this pie either (or fruitiness for that matter).

It’s not sweet either, if you’re after something mince pie-like without the really sweetness factor this could be for you.

Taking what my wife said into account, and that the pastry is decent, this is going down as average.

10/20 – Pastry redeems the utter lack of flavour from the filling, just about.

Final Score
I’m doing the sums here so you don’t have too:

20 out of 50

Overall, a poor score for a poorly conceived mince pie and I won’t be buying again. If they put this pastry with a better constructed design, some premium filling, fancy packaging and a bit of magic dust, it might just have Greggs quaking in their boots. Right now…avoid.



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