Review: Coop Irresistable Cherry Brandy Liqueurs

Bought by my good friend @sheandthecity these little bad boys look a very interesting prospect. Of course, they aren’t Mince pies and you could argue, a liqueur isn’t strictly that Christmassy but I’d disagree. Any and all decadent chocolates and especially alcohol connected chocolate, is a total Christmas must.

So what have we got here then.

The packaging is lovely. It’s quite a lightweight box, but classy colours suggest a fairly premium product from the Coop.

It opens like it’s a box of teabags though…and that’s less premium…but there’s more…

Once inside the premium feel is gone, replaced with that box of clotted cream fudge innards from your grandparents latest holiday in their static van in Weymouth.

What a let down that was.

Smells quite potent in fairness now it’s been opened.

Maybe the taste will make up for the box innards…

Individually, they look ok really, let’s dig in…

Well, it turns out dark chocolate is hard to photo in bad light, but this gives you the idea. It’s quite small. It’s smooth. It smells pretty damn good. I’m going in…

What’s hard to see here is the liqueur itself dribbling out of the sweet. There is a lot of it, this is a single chuck it in your mouth type chocolate. Not like my mum, she insists that you should treasure sweets like they’re an eighth wonder of the world and takes 3 bites per sweet. This would be a fun surprise for her.

Anyway, these do actually taste great. The flavour is good, I always worry with a liqueur that it’ll be over powering like a cheap gin, but this was smooth and just enough of a brandy hit to make it worthwhile.  The cherry flavour is again well judged. The chocolate isn’t bitter either, so it’s generally well flavoured and substantial.

I doubt you want more than a couple though.

I imagine these would work a treat with a nice black coffee from your new Nespresso machine on Boxing Day afternoon, after the left over turkey casserole, while sat on the sofa, belt undone, watching your recorded from yesterday Strictly Come Dancing special.

Overall then, recommended if you like a liqueur, won’t change your mind if you don’t.

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