Doctor Who confirmed on Christmas Day

Yeah, big surprise right…

Still, the BBC continue to flog this dying horse, and why not?

I’ve not watched the Doctor since Matt Smith went. Nothing against Peter Capaldi, but the plots got terrible with Matt Smith.

Christmas Day is shaping up to look identical to usual on the BBC then…

  • Big Disney animated movie (Wreck it Ralph or have we had that already?)
  • Doctor Who
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Call The Midwife
  • Some light entertainment comedy (if it involves John Bishop that’d probably sum up the BBC)
  • Late movie everyones seen before

Really it’s time for some imagination. I reckon you could put the last few years Christmas Day schedules for BBC 1 down side by side and you’d struggle to pick out the year.

Mind you, everyone will on their consoles or PlaystationVR I bet on Christmas Day, so why bother at all. And if all else fails…there is always Netflix!

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