Twisted Roses

I mentioned this briefly previously…so, in the interest of pure science and nothing else, I’ll be purchasing me a tub of Roses this weekend to examine the new packaging.

In case you haven’t heard yet. Cadbury’s have switched the Roses sweets from twist wrapped to something called flow wrapped. Twist wrapping is that lovely thing where you pull the sides and it untwists and the sweet falls on the floor for the dog to eat. Flow wrapping though, means you now rip the wrapper open from the jagged edges, likely dropping a bit and finding part of the Dairy Milk wrapper down the side of the sofa cushion on the annual big house clean day in April.

How much difference does this make.

Well, my wife indulged in a tub that someone brought into the office, but she failed to take a photo. She did rant and rave though about how it looks like there is loads more in the tub, but there is less and they are rubbish to open. It’s feedback, but I need to see for myself. So, I’ll be following up this post on Saturday with some photos and real insight. What I’ll do for science eh?

In the meantime, I found this pretty interesting article in the Torygraph:

My honest thought right now is that this is an error by Cadburys, change for changes sake and probably driven by people, fresh out of University, trying to make an impact in their jobs.

I’ll definitely try to be unbiased when I review these things though.

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