Quality Street through the ages!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without stupid indulgence of chocolates in front of the TV, wearing something loose fitting with an elasticated waist because for some reason, your jeans are a bit tight today.

For many years, the battle was Quality Street versus Roses. As I was growing up, and Quality Street was made by Rowntree, it always seemed a battle to make the biggest tin. Nowadays, we’re down to sub-1kg tubs in the main and we have Celebrations and Heroes in the battle too, although these two are mere pretenders to the throne.

So, in the first in a series of one, I’ve felt all nostalgic and trawled YouTube for the various Quality Street adverts through the ages…there are some real, ahem, Magic Moments, among them.

So, let’s begin with this one from somewhere in the mid-80s. What I like about this advert is how it demonstrates how stupid Cadburys are for changing how they wrap their sweets this year (more on that in another post later). It’s a selling point for Quality Street on this advert. Oh, and how full is that tin!

Whatever next…how about one where the tin is almost literally as big as the child..

Genius this one from 1994, couldn’t help but smile:

The advert from 2015, possibly fresh in your memory (not in mine, must have missed it). I quite like this advert, stylish stuff. Notice though, the use of the tub instead of the tin, notice how it was half full (which is actually how full it really is) and finally, Cadburys take note, the twist to open….

Finally, I tried to keep it till last, the classic Neil Innes. This one is probably my favourite of what was quite a long running series of adverts over a few years in the 80s.

Turns out there are loads and loads of Quality Street adverts on Youtube. Definitely worth a trawl.

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