Boring post alert…I mean who sends letters now right?

So, the Royal Mail website here: has all of the really useful dates and I’ve dropped a bunch of the dates into the calendar that’s on the right hand side of this page. Unless you’re on mobile, then I can’t help you.

Anyway, some highlights:
Surface Mail

  • Middle East surface mail: 29th September…Yep, you’ve missed it already SUCKER!
  • South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA and Canada: 13th October
  • Eastern Europe, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta and Iceland: 3rd November
  • Western Europe: 17th November

I’ll let you browse the website for the Airmail dates, I just couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of MiddleEast surface mail is already too late for Christmas.

More importantly I guess, within the UK 2nd class last day is 20th December, 1st class is 21st December…but worst comes to the worst, you can do a special Saturday delivery on the 23rd December that’ll arrive Christmas Eve.

Anyway…told you this post was boring, but it’s a Monday and that’s the mood I’m in!