Welcome to The Mince Pie!

That’s THE Mince Pie…with an exclamation point! Because I’m dramatic like that.

What’s this place about then you haven’t asked…because this is post one and there is literally nothing else here yet. This is all about Christmas, but I’m sure you were well on your way to working that out anyway.

In actual fact, this is October to December about Christmas, specifically, Christmas in the UK. I love Christmas, I’ve been called Mr Christmas before by people I work with, so I figured, why not write a blog about it all. Last year, my wife and I went a step further and did a fairly unhealthy and expensive mince pie comparison too. In the interests of science, we’ve decided to repeat that and this time, write about it.

This is also going to be a fairly photo heavy blog…because nothing says lack of actual deep and meaningful content like photos…


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